I aim to create art that's pleasing to the eye and the soul of the viewer.

When you know it's time 24X24"

If you could only see 24X24"  

IMG_0394 .jpg

If only you confide in me 24X24"

No-one knows what it's like   24X24'  SOLD

Love is blind  30X46'  SOLD

Midnight Lake 30X30"

To the moon and back 24X30"  SOLD

New beginnings 36X48"  SOLD

Beneath the layers 24X30" SOLD

Can't Help but Wonder 22X28" SOLD

Just another manic Monday 24X30" SOLD

Black and White 12X12" SOLD

Black and White 2  24X24"  SOLD

Before you, after you   20X24"   

Gratitude   24X36"  SOLD

Mood to sing   30X46"   SOLD

The one who knows it all 24x36"

Sunlight, Blue Storm 22X28"  SOLD

As simple as can be  12X12"  


Corn Fields reimagined 12X12"  

IMG_9930 .png

Return to Insanity 12X12"  

jan4 copy.jpg

The Rain  pours down from one big cloud  30X40"   SOLD


The Cavern  24X24"

The Old Soul Whispers.jpeg

Old Soul  12X12"

Cave series 2.jpeg

Cave series #2  12X12"

Red Velvet.jpeg

Red Velvet  12X12"

Sidewalk Cafe.jpg

Sidewalk Cafe  12X12"

IMG_1020 copy.jpg

Red Marsh   30X30"  

IMG6339 .jpg

A good day for the fisherman 24X30"

IMG6340 .jpg

Till There Was You  30X40"

IMG6675 .jpg

Scarlet Glow  20X24"  SOLD


Underwater Cave   24X24"

IMG6674 .jpg

Tonight My Heart is Light  30X40"  

Heading 1


No Holding Back  24X30" Framed  

IMG6847 .jpg

Queen of Hearts  24X24" SOLD

IMG_0595 .jpg

Blues for my hometown  24X30"

IMG_0449 .jpg

Blue Fields in Spring 24X24"

IMG_9194 .jpg

Love Songs at Dawn 30X30"

IMG_1018 copy.jpg

The Best Story is Not Yet Written 30X40"  

IMG_9575 .jpg

Reborn 30X30" 

IMG_0271 .jpg

Cranberry Fields Forever  24X30"

IMG_3512 .jpg

Golden Waterfall 24X24"   

IMG_6403 .jpg

Sand Drift  20X24"  SOLD

IMG_1014 copy.jpg

Funfair  24X24"

IMG_1747 .jpg

Sound of Spring   24X24"  

IMG_1740 .jpg

Golden Wings  18X48"

IMG_2213 copy.jpg

Whatever you go, you'll find your way 18X48"